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'Healthy water for all children!'


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10 Dec 2013


'Healthy water for all children!'

Focus themes


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Max Foundation aims to prevent child mortality and continually seeks the most effective, and most cost-efficient way to do so. We support water and sanitation projects in Bangladesh, as this approach has proven to save many children's lives at low cost and with few resources. Max Foundation finances these small scale projects together with the local community.

Main activities

We operate on three principles: 1. We fund local projects that demonstrate the highest rate of return. That sounds businesslike, but why not? By applying strict selection criteria, we obtain a clear picture of what can be achieved with the project. Furthermore, during the rollout of a project and thereafter, we monitor the results to assure we maximize the outcome of the resources we have at our disposal. Hence, best value for money. 2. We draw no overhead costs from donations, sending 100% to our projects in Bangladesh. Expenses made in the Netherlands are either sponsored, or borne by board members or volunteers. 3. We give direct feedback on the destination of your money by sending you a photograph of the signboard next to the well that was dug with your money. In addition, by continuing to develop our monitoring system, so that all donors can view their wells on our online ‘well gallery’ on our website More information; www.maxfoundation.nl

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