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SOS Children’s Villages provides a loving home for children in need. We work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them.


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Our goal is to provide a loving and safe family setting for children so they can reach their full potential.

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To protect and support the lost children of South Sudan, SOS Children’s Villages is starting an emergency intervention for 400 unaccompanied children aged 2 to 12 years.

The proposed intervention intends to reintegrate children with their families and, while they are in transit facilities in Juba and Malakal, to give them adequate shelter, care and psychosocial support.

The children of South Soedan


SOS Children’s Villages provides a loving home for children in need. We work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them.

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Problem statement

At SOS Children’s Villages we believe that children can only develop to their full potential if they have a supportive and protective family environment. We work to make this a reality. At the centre of our SOS Children’s Villages programme is the individual child. We encourage children to actively take part in the making of decisions that affect their lives.


Our goal is to provide a loving and safe family setting for children so they can reach their full potential.

Main activities

Family strengthening programme`s SOS Children’s Villages works with disadvantaged families in order to prevent crises that can lead to family separation. They offer various forms of support to strengthen and stabilise families as much as possible so that children can grow up in their own families. The aim is always to build the skills and capacities of carers and of their communities so that children can enjoy positive and caring relationships. SOS children`s villages When children lost their parents or cannot be raised in their biological family, SOS Children's Villages offers family-based care. Worldwide there are 518 SOS children's villages that provide a loving home to these children. Here they grow up within a SOS family, with a mother and brothers and sisters, until they are independent young adults.

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  • Furnish a family house

    Help us create a loving home for orphans and abandoned children in Santa Cruz del Quiché, Guatemala.

  • Educate Kids in Medan

    Provide Education & development for 31 children in the SOS children’s village in Medan, Indonesia

  • Emergency Relief Program in Syria

    The conflict in Syria has escalated in 2011. What seemed to be a passing crisis turned into a fully-fledged war with millions of civilians falling as victims of the clashes. Half of these civilians are children. As an international non-governmental organization with the main goal to protect and promote the rights of the child, As a globally recognised leader in the childcare, SOS Children’s Villages is taking a leading role to protect Syria’s children and take an active part in alleviating human suffering in Syria and focus on providing aid for the children and their families in need.

  • WorldCoaches

    WorldCoaches South Africa. Training for life. Support one WorldCoach for four years. Playing football is a very effective way to reach young people and unite them. For the football World Cup 2010, KNVB and SOS Children’s Villages bundled their strengths in the WorldCoaches, in order to stimulate youth in their talents and passion and enable them to develop themselves. Beside being an expert football coach, a WorldCoach is a social coach as well, teaching the children life skills. The WorldCoach is a motivator, educator, organizer and role model for children and youth in the community. By supporting this project, you enable 1 of 110 WorldCoaches to train young people for 4 years, so that a new generation will be trained in football and other life skills.

  • Create a town medical post

    Supply a medical post where both children and community members can find medical care.

  • Furnish a Kindergarten

    Furnish the classrooms of the primary school, so children can get their first education. The SOS Children's Village also offers facilities for the community, since they are lacking. One of the facilities is a primary school, that offers education to 280 children. These are children from the Children's Villages and out of the community.

  • SOS village goes green

    Help us make the SOS Children’s Village in Jos, Nigeria go green!

  • Family Care for Medan

    SOS Children's Villages supports vulnerable families with Family Strengthening Programs designed to prevent child abandonment. If this is not possible we offer children a loving home in one of the SOS children's villages. At this moment we provide a loving home for 119 children in the SOS Children's Village in Medan. Every child in the SOS children’s Village has its own story. The children lost their homes in earthquakes or the tsunami, lived on the streets and were often severely malnourished when they arrived in the children’s village. A number of children are victims of severe abuse and mistreatment. And many children have lost their parents through traffic accidents and illness by excessive alcohol use. Poverty also plays a major role.

  • Basics for Kids in Medan

    Provide Basic needs for 31 children in the SOS children’s village in Medan, Indonesia





  • OConnell

    At O'Connell Executive Search we are inspired every day by the people we meet and their passion and drive to make a difference in the world. The PIF World initiative is a fantastic opportunity for us to join this movement and share our own successes by 'Paying it forward'. Every year we donate 10% of our net profit to charity and this year, in collaboration with PIF World, we have collectively chosen five projects that we're excited to support. We invite you to join us in empowering these inspiring leaders to make a difference where it really counts!

  • Trendwatching.com

    To celebrate GENERATION G, trendwatching.com is happy to support SOS Kinderdorpen this year. We've donated 3,000 euros, and all members get to individually assign a part of that amount to a project of their liking. And that's just the beginning!

  • Vodafone

    The Vodafone Netherlands Foundation supports a broad range of social initiatives in the Netherlands. Our attention goes out to projects that can really make a significant difference. With the annual Christmas donation of the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation, we share our Christmas wishes with various national and international charities. With this, we show our passion for the world around us and empower these charities to continue with all the good they do.

  • SOS Children's Villages

    Since 1965, SOS Children's Villages is an international network of affiliated organisations in Northern and Southern countries. Our goal is to provide a loving and safe family setting for children so they can reach their full potential. We work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them. We give these children the opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family.

  • Imtech

    Imtech takes its responsibility for the impact its activities and decisions have on people, environment and the society. To reduce its impact Imtech focusses on the reduction of carbon footprint, the control of its waste and making the company more sustainable. Imtech develops many different initiatives to be as 'green' as possible. With this vision Imtech wants to inspire its employees to operate as sustainable and conscious as possible and have them inspire their relations in the technology chain.


  • Worshippers

    We have a strong sense that we are all blessed to be a blessing. Having received God's love we are supposed to pass this on, without looking at people's backgrounds, religion, race. gender. Children especially are vulnerable, but in this age of human trafficking, anyone can become a victim today. That's why we want to make a difference!

  • Together for Pakistan

    Met dit team willen geld inzamelen voor Pakistan: de situatie is dramatisch en alle kleine beetjes helpen. Dit project -uitgevoerd door stichting Healthnet- zorg voor een stapje in de juiste richting. Doe mee met ons team - nodig je vrienden uit- zodat we samen kunnen zorgen dat we dit project mogelijk maken. Namens het hele Pifworld Team, vriendelijke groet, Harmen

  • Knights of the Tolstraat

    Working together on amazing projects

  • TreFoil

    TreFoil is a company that supplies sustainable energy solutions for utility buildings. Through PIFworld it intends to support charity and create a better world. TreFoil will try and do this by donation activity that generates money. This activity will mainly involve sports.

  • De kerstpakkettenman

    De kerstpakkettenman is een ontwikkelaar van producten en spellen voor de kerstpakkettenmarkt. Daarnaast zijn wij tevens zelf kerstpakkettenleverancier. Het kerstpakket wat wij verkopen bevat uitsluitend artikelen die op een bepaalde manier iets bijdragen aan een duurzamere wereld. Op Pifworld steunen wij, samen met een aantal bedrijven, één heel bijzonder project, namelijk: Restore 30 Health Houses for Pakistan.

  • Home Refit

    Home Refit wil maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen. Daarom bouwen we niet alleen aan uw huis, maar ook aan dat van mensen die het minder hebben. Hoe? Door 1% van iedere opdracht die we uitvoeren te doneren aan Pifworld, een online platform dat over de hele wereld charitatieve projecten steunt. Zo dragen we bij aan een betere wereld, onder het motto do good, feel good.

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