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During my volunteerswork in the houses of Mother Teresa in 2001 in Calcutta ( Kolkata ) I met Dr.Sujit Bramochary who began in 1989 to help the poor mothers and children by giving them free treatment for their health problems. Since that time his INSTITUTE FOR INDIAN MOTHER AND CHILD has founded 6 health centres, 18 schools and 5 micro-credit banks. I am inspired by the enthousiasm of him and his workers to do such a good work for the poorist of the poor. Our Foundation, Indian Mother and Child Netherlands ( www.imcn.nl ) supports the Indian Institute by collecting funds to realize projects, such as schools, health centre and now 25 toilets for poor families in the rural area. The hygiene circumstances are very miserable. See the film and pictuires.


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10 Dec 2013
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Ben van Houten supported Better hygiene with €€€
Ben van Houten supported Better hygiene with €€€
Ben van Houten supported Better hygiene with €€€