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Welcome to my profile, I joined PIF World and for me it is a powerful tool to do good. I can support projects or non-profits, start teams and much more. It makes doing good easy and fun.I can even follow cool people world wide. But the first step is to make my profile look good and fill in my motivation. No worries, I will start writing soon.


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PIF World is the platform where people come together with non-profits and companies to help create a better world. 

This is the space where YOU can publish your story. Your blog can help spread the passion you have for your fundraising project. So spread the word – start fundraising and bring in new supporters.

The good news is that everyone that follows you, or supported you on your fundraising page, will receive your blog post. So keep on blogging for a better world - good blogs inspire people and are a powerful crowdfunding tool.

10 Dec 2013
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  • Vodafone

    The Vodafone Netherlands Foundation supports a broad range of social initiatives in the Netherlands. Our attention goes out to projects that can really make a significant difference. With the annual Christmas donation of the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation, we share our Christmas wishes with various national and international charities. With this, we show our passion for the world around us and empower these charities to continue with all the good they do.

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Huub Senden supported John Huijnen fundraiser for Dance empowers youth with €20
Huub Senden supported Energy for Kids with €20