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Team Play Ball: "Connects with the speed of light" All to raise money for the Vodafone Moyo Connect Challenge

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Terminals Team Rocks!
De inzameling van telefoons gaat geweldig! Het terminals team heeft zijn kluizen opgeruimd en ruim 500 toestellen gedoneerd aan Moyo. Fantastisch gedaan!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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3 years
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    The Vodafone Netherlands Foundation supports a broad range of social initiatives in the Netherlands. Our attention goes out to projects that can really make a significant difference. With the annual Christmas donation of the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation, we share our Christmas wishes with various national and international charities. With this, we show our passion for the world around us and empower these charities to continue with all the good they do.

€145 donated
€1,795 raised
99% of €1,800 target

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