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Memorial day 2012 is on Monday, May 28th, 2012. It is on Memorial Day at Sun Toyota that the New Tundra will be given to Justin Gaertner. The Florida Patriot Guard Riders will escort Justin from his home that morning in Trinity, Fl. and will run a POW/MIA formation to Sun Toyota located 3001 US HWY 19, Holiday, Fl. 34691. Upon arrival at Sun Toyota, Justin will be greeted by a carnival atmosphere. The whole dealership will be transformed into a display of military men and women, along with the public, saluting him. The Community event is all weekend long from friday the 25th of May and will run until May 28th (Memorial Day) 2012. On Memorial day, Wqyk and Sun Toyota will present the truck to Justin at 10 am (E.S.T.) Please donate to thisgreat cause as we are trying to give Justin a brand new 2012 Toyota tundra fully equipped so he can have a second chance.

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