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Bachpan Bachao Andolan conducted major raid and rescue operations on the 23rd, 25th and 27th of October 2010 in their effort to eradicate child labour. A total of 70 children were rescued. The children were rescued from the shoe, zari, plastic industry. Children were also rescued from hotels where they were working and even from the iron industry. There were people from the labour department, police, Delhi Task force and also activists of BBA.

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Freeing children out of child labour and reintregrating them into society by offering them a ‘real’ future. India has the largest number of child labour, bonded labour and trafficking. KidsRights' partner BBA receives complaints from parents and gathers information from various sources about such children, rescues them with the help of government authorities, and reunites them with their families. BBA ensures their education and rehabilitation using various state provisions, and through its own rehabilitation-cum- education centres. Since 1980, more than 76,000 child/bonded labourers have been freed from brick kilns, stone quarries, domestic labour, hotels/dhabas, carpet looms, agriculture and allied work etc. BBA makes a major difference in their lives by restoring their childhood, freedom and dignity. BBA also works to prevent child labour, bonded labour and trafficking through preventative measures.

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