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PIF World is the platform where non-profits, companies and individuals come together to help create a better world. 

This is the space where your company will publish their story. Blogging can help spread the passion for your company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. This is because crowdsourcing is a great way to enable you as an employee to become active for the causes of your choice.  

CSR fueled by storytelling helps to spread the word about fundraising projects. It keeps you informed and brings in new supporters and colleagues. 

Blogs, news and information from this non-profit will soon appear on this page - so watch this space.

10 Dec 2013
  • Harmen van Doorn

    Let's go against Ebola! Although the time that I thought Micheal Jackson was pretty cool is two decades ago, I must admit that he isn't so Bad at all. He didn't frighten me with his Triller album, the real frightning stuff came later on, as we all know. But it is exactly the period between the mentioned albums that he hit the charts with 'Heal the world, '. This was 100% corny stuff, but the message was clear: make it a better place! So, tho come back on this motivation issue, let's follow this Wizzard of Oss and make the world a better place. With Pifworld it is so easy! Good luck with Playing it Forward!

  • Raymond Kint

  • Nanne van der Burg

    Yes, yes once there will be! Crowd funding! The change needs you! Raise funds!

  • Maurits de Neree

    Bringing next generation fundraising to the Round Table. Our first goal is improve the daily life of extremely lonely elderly people by collecting funds for a 'BoodschappenPlusBus'. Our ambition? Unite the Round Table to support large project such as the Elephant Corridor. Start Small, Dream Big!

  • Mattijs Kaak

    Raise money for different charities together with friends and businesspartners. First Goal: Make a succes of The Bluejacket Dinner and Round Table Polo 2012

  • Diederik_Kahrel Kahrel

    It's new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me! AND I'M FEELING GOOD Kijk om je heen en geniet!

  • Diederik Grobben

    Change is coming; and I'm working on it!

  • Charles Mander

    To leave the world a better place than when I came in

  • Xander Hagens

    Do good, feel good


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