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In 28 days social entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and students pool their strengths together in a pressure cooker to campaign for the Elephant Corridor project. Starting 20th Nov.


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that means 10 elephants roaming freely across the border. And counting...

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Thousands of people helped out
Up till today people fundraised over 420.000 euro throughout PIF World. Caring supporters joined from all over the world. More than 20 companies are involved. Big thank you to everyone that joined! 

Plan is to built world’s biggest Peace Park, covering an area of 300,000 km2, about the size of Italy. The park, with the name Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area will enable elephants in Botswana to roam free across the border to Zambia. Governments of five countries have co-operated to create this Peace Park together.

About the collaboration
Peace Parks Foundation, theorganisation that promotes trans-border nature preservation in Africa has joined forces with PIF World, the online crowd sourcing platform. A unique partnership to fund the innovative and inspiring project, named The Elephant Corridor. World's largest conservation crowd funding project ever is finalised.


  • Femke Hulsenbek

    Every step you take creates change. So why not for a better world? Do good, feel good!

  • Vera Arnoldus

    The future is ours!

  • Robert van Roijen

    It is possible to change the world one little step at the time. The idea of Bundle Forces for a Better World is exactly what I think is needed.

  • Merijn Horck

  • Marlies Zegelaar

    As a volunteer at Pifworld, I love the idea that I can make a change even by doing something small.

  • Niels Bakker

    If only one man can already make a difference, than imagine what a whole bunch of people can do. By joining forces we can accomplish whatever we want....even the impossible. I want to use my believe and positivism to create a better world for the elephants. Why? Because they are the coolest animals I've ever seen. Help me fulfilling my mission. Join the Ivory Revolution.

  • Ruth Mantle

    My passion for development started during my degree whilst studying the livelihoods of nomadic groups in Swaziland. Since then, I have contributed to development in the UK, Asia and Africa through youth volunteering, supporting refugees, delivering solar power and caring for vulnerable children. As a professional fundraiser for 7 years, I have secured over ten million pounds and have strong donor relationship management skills. Whilst working for SolarAid, I developed a range of online and offline communications materials including blog entries, leaflets and newsletters. Furthermore, I developed events from small dinners to stalls at festivals. In London, I represented the organisation at events and presented to groups of donors and philanthropists. Alongside my fundraising experience, I am developing my own coaching business working with entrepreneurs and fundraisers. Also, I am providing career coaching to individuals who want to work in international development.

  • BEVERLEY Bathija

    I feel passionately about the potential of people, and enjoy collaborating to develop ideas that can impact the developing world. In the course of my work as an international Consultant, I've met, outside my assignment, young change makers and it has been a rewarding journey of bringing ideas to life. I now work with a charity in London, iPartner India supporting NGOs in India working in the field of education, health, livelihoods, climate change and children. Would love to be able to contribute and collaborate at this unique event.

  • Inge Beckers

  • yigal roos

  • Jantien Evers

  • Silvia Graham

  • Sarah Bullock

  • Elise Bomhof

  • maxzzz


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The Elephant Corridor

Let's build the largest wildlife park in the world starting with the Elephant Corridor to give room to 100,000 Elephants. So far, the project is crowd-funded by more than 500 supporters, 33 teams and 20 companies from all over the world. This is huge! What makes The Elephant Corridor so special? It is a unique and innovative project that enables the elephants in Botswana to roam freely across the border to Zambia. This project is the first and key step in the realisation of world’s biggest wildlife park covering an area of 300,000 km2.

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