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Welcome, has moved per 1 January 2015 to PIF World. Here you can find more information on why, how to upload your vacancies and how to subscribe to the weekly jobcenter update.

For non-profit organisations

PIF World offers the jobcenter: a solution that allows your organisation to post and manage paid and unpaid jobs. People can easily find your vacancies based on their personal criteria.

Additional to that, they can follow your organisation and will automatically receive new vacancies in their own profile and by email notification. Vice Versa will pay additional attention to your vacancies through their online and offline magazine.

Please create a non-profit page when you want to upload and manage your vacancies.

Step 1. Create your non-profit profile

Step 2. Upload your jobs easily from your organisation dashboard

For individuals

Please create a personal profile if you want to receive the weekly jobcenter update by e-mail

Step 1. Create a personal profile and automatically receive the jobcenter update

Step 2. Use the jobcenter to overview the popular vacancies

For more information, questions or feedback please contact Roelien via We are happy to help and hear from you.

Kind regards
PIF World, Vice Versa and SNV

Why did we make this change?

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation has transformed itself in the past years from a fully government subsidised institution into an independent and financially sustainable international development organisation. We now focus on only three sectors (agriculture, water and climate) and are increasingly receiving our resources from international donors.

Though we remain a Dutch organisation, we have decided that maintaining a vacancy site and vacancy newsletter is no longer in the core of our business. But moreover, there are other Dutch organisations which are much better positioned to take this role. With this in mind SNV decided to work together with Vice Versa: the independent trade journal in development aid, and PIF World: the crowdsourcing platform for a better world and to transfer to